Do It Yourself Courses

My personal belief is that “healing” is possible for everyone and you can become “your ideal self”  regardless of your circumstances. I have created these courses to provide a way for you to “meet yourself” in your pain – honor yourself for all you have endured – be brave enough to face whatever it is in order to discover “YOU”. But you have to take the step. So, let’s start this journey … to heal and honor the “Amazing” you.

“Her knowledge, love for her work and extensive personal and professional experience makes her uniquely gifted to perform the work she does in serving others. Cheryl is a shining example of what it means to embrace the essence of authentic leadership.”

Patty Aubery, President of Canfield Companies

“If you are looking for a professional who will give your team their personal “AHA Moment,” Cheryl Howell will be a remarkable asset to you and your overall goals and plans.”

Catherine Noyes

“Cheryl Howell is the right business partner for your business.  She genuinely cares about her clients and partners with them to help their business to grow to be more successful and profitable.”

Deborah A. Romero

Get Angry


You will discover how to allow “Anger” to be a motivator for your healing!

Pain, Trauma and adverse life situations make us angry.  We may not always show anger; but, it resides just under the surface of our emotions.  It creates boundaries that do not allow us to live in true freedom. When we put the microscope on our internal anger, it can be a transformative experience.  We will use the following steps toward healing:

  1.  Use your “Anger” to Heal.  
  2. Seeing your potential just on the other side of “Anger”.
  3. Realize how your “Anger” is your “wake-up” call to change.  
  4. How Resilience is born through your “Anger”.
  5. Discover your courage through lessons of “Anger”.
  6. Shifting from “Anger” to Love.

Get Unstuck


How to Get Off the Bottom of the Lake When You Recently Walked On The Water!

Join me on a journey into finding what and how your limiting beliefs are keeping you from achieving all you desire.  From the time we are children, we are programmed with certain responses to situations that limit our ability to create our life visions.  

In this course you will be able to identify the areas in your life that are blocking you from achieving goals, being happy and creating consistent patterns of growth.  

If you are tired of incremental progress toward your dreams and want to live your life fully engaged, then this course if for you.  “Get Unstuck” was born from my own experiences of never having consistency in the major areas of my life….love, relationships, career and finances.  You can create the “life of your dreams”.